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4 short tips on setting up a good email sales funnel

So you’ve got your basics set up for your email marketing campaign and you’re ready to start generating some passive online income. Most people tend to use MailChimp, for some reason. I’d like to recommend either AWeber or MailerLite. If you’re located in Sweden or the Nordic countries, you should definitely have a look at MailerLite!

The email sales funnel is an important factor in making passive profits, so it must be set up and tweaked properly to ensure maximal profits. Here are some useful tips and techniques for setting up a good email sales funnel.

Your opt-in gift must be congruent with your paid product. It can’t be stressed enough, as your leads will turn cold fast if they sign up to your list and don’t get what they want. So if you’re offering an e-book, give them an e-book. If you’re offering a video course, give them a video course.

Spread out emails. There’s no rush to make a sale, so don’t spam them every day just so that you’ll make a sale. Remember, a person has to look at an ad 7 times before he can remember it. That being said, you should focus on providing value and information slowly throughout a period of a few weeks before you wish to promote your products.

Focus on value. Since we’re talking about good value, always remember, you will be paid proportionate to the amount of value you provide to your customers. So in your initial emails, heed lots of attention to the value you provide to your customers. Once they’ve tuned into your mojo and start to like your free stuff, your paid stuff will be even better.

Finally, you’ve given enough value, it’s time to make a sale. Make sure your promo emails focus on the benefits of your product and how it can solve your customers’ problems and you’ll be swimming in profits in no time!

Remember, there are no shortcuts to success, focus on providing value and you’ll be on the right track.

If you are interested in more tips and tricks, have a look at Email Essentials or The Copywriters Handbook as eBooks.

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