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Something I really appreciate is a dynamic working environment where the next day doesn’t come close to being similar to the previous. With a wide variety of inquiries, projects, and technical puzzles to solve, the work doesn’t become mundane.

I like to compete with myself to improve, be faster, or better. I’m quite tenacious and sometimes stubborn. I hate to quit and give up isn’t on my radar. 

Structures are important to me. Things don’t have to be meticulously arranged in order. But things however need to have an order.

To meet new people, make new acquaintances, learn new things, or have a cup of coffee with an old acquaintance and catch up – that gives a silver lining to the day.

Chrille Hedberg CV 1

“Serious and committed to his job. Easy going, nice, and easy to reach with questions and thoughts! Quite simply a decent guy!”

Linnea Grundström
Function Planner
Region Norrbotten


Lenom AB

Segment Manager
2021-10 – Current


B2B, B2C, B2G, Pedagogics, Planning, Sales, Purchase, Management, Technical Support, WordPress, WooCommerce, Odoo, Technical Drawings, Key Accounts

Lenom is a small firm with a lot of things going on. Technical consultancy, sales,  and training/education. As Segment Manager I am responsible for sales and training.

Subec AB

Technical Application
2021-05 – 2021-10


B2B, B2G, Technical Support, Technical Drawings, Customer Support, Purchasing, Sales, Key Accounts, Management

Subec is a manufacturer and supplier of equipment to the global wire and cable industry. In my role as Technical Application Manager, I gave technical support to customers as well as lead projects.

AB Jan O. Mattsson

2017-11 – 2021-05


B2B, B2G, Technical Support, Technical Drawings, Customer Support, Purchasing, Sales, Key Accounts, Management

JOM Plast is a gross-dealer of semi-finished plastic products. With a laptop, phone, and car as my primary tools, I was responsible for an area equivalent to half of Sweden. Prospecting, technical support, sales, and networking was basic of an average workday.

Blickle AB

Sales Area Manager
2014-06 – 2017-05


B2B, Customer Service, Technical Support, Technical Drawings, Public Speaking, Sales, Key Accounts, Budgeting, Customer Relations, Time Control

Blickle is a German manufacturer of wheels and castors. My role was as a sales area manager, working very closely with my customers. Mainly focusing on heavy-duty industries in northern Sweden.

Industriteknik i Eslöv aB

Technical Sales
2013-11 – 2014-02


Technical Drawings, Technical Specifications, Project Management, Customer Support, Technical Support, POS, Purchase, Organization, Stock Keeping

Technical internal sales in a specialist shop. Flat organization where we all helped out with sales, purchase, stock keeping, etc. I was also responsible for launching the companies new eCommerce.

Additude Öresund AB

Electrical Engineer
Building Installations
2011-01 – 2011-06


MagiCAD, DiaLux, Technical Drawings and Project Plans, Mentor/Supervisor for junior associates, Building Construction and Installation

Employed by a recruiting company and leased to one of Sweden’s largest consulting firms, AFRY. Same work tasks as at WSP (below).

WSP Sverige AB

Electrical Designer
Building Installations
2007-04 – 2010-12


MagiCAD, DiaLux, Technical Drawings and Project Plans, Building Construction and Installation

Electrical designer with projects mostly in public buildings. Ducts, power, lighting, telephony/network, and fire/security. Responsible for my own calculations of lighting models, wiring, and other technical calculations. Project management and project control, quality assurance according to standard.

Lunds Kommun

Charge Nurse
2001-11 – 2005-09


Staff management, Scheduling, Nursing, Medicine, ER, ICU, Mentor/Supervisor

Charge nurse for homecare team with assigned medical responsibilities. Worked both in a rapid response unit and as a nurse


Region Östergötland

Cert. Instructor, Stop The Bleed
Traumatic Bleeding Control


Pedagogics, Public Speaking, Emergency Medicine, Tourniquet, Tactical First Aid

Certification for Stop The Bleed. As an instructor, I am expected to be able to teach the public as well as first responders in treatment of traumatic bleeding control.

Swedish Red Cross

Cert. Instructor, CPR & First Aid
Supervising Instructor


Pedagogics, Public Speaking, Emergency Medicine, CPR, Paediatric CPR, AED/Defibrillator, First Aid

The Swedish Red Cross’ joint educational platform Leading Learning is mandatory for all SRC instructors.

Certified in CPR, paediatric CPR, AED (use of defibrillator), and first aid.

I am also a supervising instructor for SRC, which means that I’m a part of training all new instructors.

Berg & Partner AB

Lic. Welder
2012-01 – 2013-09


Welding, MIG, MAG, TIG, Mechanical Workshop, Metal Processing, Handeling of gas, Plasma cutting

License for:
MIG/MAG: scope 135, 138, type BW, FW, material groups 1.1, 1.2, 1.4.
TIG: method 141, 142, 143, 145, type BW, material groups 8, 9.2, 9.3, 10, (8, 10/1-11).

Lunds Tekniska Högskola

Project Management


Project Management, Project Control, Documentation

Stand-alone course in project management.

Yrkeshögskolan SYD

Electrical Engineer w.
general authorization
2005-09 – 2007-06


Electrical Design, Engineering, Laws & Regulations, Lighting, Power Distribution, Automation, Documentation, CAD


Nursing School w.
focus Emergency Care
2000-01 – 2001-06


Nurse, Emergency Care, Triage, Medical Care, Social Care, Dental Care, Pharmacology, Pre-hospital Care, Laws & Regulations

Nurse with a focus on emergency and pre-hospital care.



Region Östergötland

Traumatic Bleeding Control

Certified instructor in Stop The Bleed, available for the public, first responders, and LEO’s.

Swedish Red Cross
Swedish CPR Council

CPR & First Aid

Certified by both the Swedish Red Cross and the Swedish CPR Council in CPR, paediatric CPR, use of AED/defibrillator and first aid.

Inspecta Sweden AB

Professional License
Utfärdad 2012-10

Certificate for welding MIG/MAG
Scope 135, 138
Type BW, FW
Material Groups 1.1, 1.2, 1.4

Certificate for welding TIG
Scope 141, 142, 143, 145
Type BW
Material Groups 8, 9.2, 9.3, 10, (8, 10/1-11)


Hot Works
Utfärdad 2012-11

Certified for hot works and fire patrol.

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Why work with me?

Chrille Hedberg CV 1
For me, it’s not only about getting the job done –
it’s also about how it gets done.
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My way of working has proven to increase sales, profit and customer activity.
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Broad knowledge in different technical applications, solutions and way of solving problems.
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I’m not a quitter! I focus on the goal and make sure me and my team get there together!
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With experience in international businesses, purchasing and selling, I’m well-suited for a variety of positions.

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